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First date choices?

Where to go on a first date?

So here’s all these guys and girls hooking up at a Fast Match event. What happens next? – first date right?

But where to go?… Or not to go!
Well according to our research,

the guys have got it totally wrong. Most guys are putting themselves, and a possible future relationship, at risk by making the wrong first date choices.

Here what you don’t do and why not:-

- dinner (too long and too much conversation)

- movie (too long and no conversation)

- long country drive (if it’s not happening, it’s a very long drive back in silence)

- beach (too early to show off the bods yet unless you’re both sexy as)

- hang out with all your mates

Don’t do anything that goes for too long or might make the other person uncomfortable.

Here’s where you should go:-
(Max 1 to 2 hours duration)

Ferris Wheel ride - great choice!

- concert
- comedy store
- coffee / drink
- TV studio recording session
- ice cream and walk
- horse riding
- bike ride
- indoor rock climbing
- wine tasting
- kayaking
- dog beach if you both have dogs
- art gallery
- cooking class… Or just cook together
- pretend to be tourists and take a camera

Bottom line it has to be FUN, INTERESTING, and DIFFERENT and by keeping it to less than 2 hours, you leave more till next time and will have them hanging out to see you again.

For both sexes here’s a list of DONTs during the date…

- don’t talk about past partners
- don’t facebook
- don’t talk on mobiles
- don’t touch
- don’t talk about sex
- don’t hog the conversation
- don’t comment on how attractive someone else looks

Sounds boring I know but sadly if you do any of these, you’ll blow it!

Share your first date stories with us here :)

Gil Avenaim
CEO and Founder
Fast Match
- Posted by Gil from Fast Match


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Real Men?

What ever happened to REAL men?

One thing about running a speed dating company is that you get to meet and talk to a lot of singles and are able to very quickly gauge the ‘hot topics’ of the moment.

Are you a real man?

One theme that keeps coming up from ladies especially is ‘where have all the REAL men gone?’ Obviously that evoked some interest from me since I consider myself a ‘real man’ (LOL) but I still had to ask … ‘What’s s real man?’

The answers vary but still have a common theme – a guy who is confident, not scared to make decisions or the first move, shows emotion, not a game player, tells a woman how he really feels, loyal, protective, solid… I think you get the idea.

So what’s the big deal fellows? Isn’t that what do? Who we are? Aren’t we confident, strong, protective, forthright?

Apparently not according to the girls so we asked the guys, and were  blown away by the majority of the replies.

‘How can you be when the girls are stronger than the guys?’

‘Yeh that would be great if you didn’t have to battle with the four girlfriends she brought with her’

‘Half of them are so independent you can’t tell what they really want’

Wow sounds like we have a Mexican standoff here. Girls are saying they want it, but guys are saying they are not being allowed to do it their way, or don’t have the opportunities because the girls are very rarely alone and always out with their friends.

So what’s the answer?… Do we need to wind the clock back to the 1920 / 1930s where men were men and women were women?

Gil Avenaim
Founder and CEO
Fast Match

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Hello world!

Hi everyone

Welcome to our first blog. We hope to be able to discuss some burning issues when it come to dating, and have some fun along the way also LOL.

We’ve got a big community of singles out there so let’s join in the debate, comment on whatever you like and let’s see where it takes us.

Also check in every now and then on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with latest events and news.

Speak soon :)


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